All Terrain TECT Park
Quick Fact:

Native bats live in the remnant native forest


Our park values are Care, Learn, Play and Create and each value will be used to present pathways for users to understand the role of the Park and the individuals or user groups in sustaining it.

The four core values are inclusive of fun, challenge and rewards of participating in recreation and education.

The values range from identifying the Park for play while ensuring sustainable management of the Park is understood to be a responsibility by all users.

The incorporation of sustainable, energy efficient and low impact design, using materials and techniques that consider the natural surrounding environment, is the underlying ethos in the continuing development of the Park.

In accordance with recommendations from Tangata Whenua, the following sustainable practices have been included in the Park's Management Plan:

  • Streams and rivers have been identified within the Park boundaries to determine their seasonal variability and flow volumes.
  • The ecological values of the streams and rivers in their respective catchments in the Park are to be protected and enhanced.
  • Formal river crossings are being constructed for vehicle use within the Park.
  • Appropriate riparian margin policies are being developed for all the streams and rivers within the Park.



Ongoing consultation will continue to inform and progress sustainable practices and cultural resource recommendations and how they should be incorporated into the Park.

The Park has a forestry strategy that focuses on sustainable forestry practices, choosing longer term rotations of 60-80 years, using a variety of introduced and native species.  A Forestry Management Plan is also in development.  Riparian areas and ground steeper than 20% have been retired to native regeneration.



Volunteer conservation and sustainability

Park staff have been involved in developing several volunteer programmes including:

  • a volunteer rural firefighting crew
  • a volunteer trail patrol
  • volunteer training (chainsaw safety, trail building and surveying)
  • youth search and rescue
  • a volunteer conservation programme involving planting, trail building, cleaing up and protecting the beauty of the TECT All Terrain Park