All Terrain TECT Park
Quick Fact:

There is no hunting allowed anywhere in the Park

Our Sponsors

TECT All Terrain Park is and has been generously supported by the following businesses and organisations.


TECTTECT (Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust) was formed in December 1993 and is now one of New Zealand’s largest energy trusts.  TECT’s income and capital is used to provide benefits to Consumers during the term of the Trust.  "Consumers" (approximately 62,000) are TrustPower account holders basically in Tauranga City and the Western Bay of Plenty District.

TECT’s income is mostly derived from its 103,878,838 shares, representing 33% in the capital of TrustPower Limited.  This investment is worth approximately $752 million (at 31 March 2010).

In the past 17 years, they have returned millions of dollars back to Consumers and the Community, supporting thousands of people and good projects throughout our District.

On the winding up of the Trust (year 2073) the assets of TECT, which remain, will be distributed for the benefit of Consumers.

TECT was established under a Trust Deed on 21 December 1993 as a consequence of the Tauranga Electric Power Board’s Establishment Plan.  On 1 April 2004 Consumers in the Tauranga district previously supplied power by Tauranga Electricity Limited were included as Consumers of the TECT following negotiations with the Tauranga District Council and compensation agreed upon at $2,500,000.


Bay TrustBayTrust provides grants to community groups serving the Bay, in order to help build, strengthen and enhance local Communities.

In the year to March 2010 BayTrust paid out grants totalling over $1.57m to groups serving Bay of Plenty Communities.

BayTrust has approximately $137m invested in a carefully planned, diversified way, both locally and globally.  Returns from these investments form the Trust's income.

BayTrust also welcomes bequests from public-spirited people who wish to leave legacies for the benefit of Bay Communities.

Associate sponsors

Thanks to the following local businesses that have provided price breaks, in-kind donations, pro bono services and support to the TECT All Terrain Park.  We appreciate your help!

Farmer Autovillage (Farmer Auto Group) - Have provided a discount on vehicles for the Park Manager and Park Ranger.

Stoney Creek - Provide a discount on all-weather uniform for Park Staff.

Boffa Miskell - Provided many hours of pro bono work on several projects including the design of the staging area shelters.

Opus - Provided pro bono work on the motorsports concept plan and rally circuit design.

Tonkin & Taylor - Provided pro-bono work on the NZ Deerstalkers, Clay target and Pistol range designs and consent application.

Tauriko Sawmill - Provided technical advice and discounts on milling and treating of trees felled in the Park and now applied in various projects around the Park.

ITM Maleme Street - Provided technical advice and storage facilities for treated timber for the Park.

Farmer Auto VillageStoney CreekBoffa MiskellOpusITM Building Centre LogoTonkin and Taylor

Community partners and schools

As the Park develops, more and more community partners and schools are using the Park as a venue for outdoor education or as a place to engage students in various research, community service or practical projects.

YMCA – Holiday programme activities based in the Park.

Foundation for Youth Development – Potential for FYD programmes to use Park facilities.

Pyes Pa School – Uses the Park for outdoor education and overnight camps.

Tauranga Rudolf Steiner – Adopted a corner of the central hub, planting trees and shrubs.

Otumoetai College – Student project undertaken to design and construct 12 official picnic tables for the Park in 2010 and another 6 in 2012.  Students have also designed 3 Park Kiosks.

Becoming a sponsor or community partner

There are lots of opportunities to get involved and promote your brand, products or sevices at the Park.  We’re currently looking for sponsors for tracks, buildings and special education and community projects.  If you or your organisation is interested in becoming a sponsor of this very special Park, please contact the TECT All Terrain Park, on email or telephone +64 07 571 8008.